Friday, November 16, 2007

REVIEW: 100 Days of Weight Loss

"100 Days of Weight Loss: The Secret to Being Successful on ANY Diet Plan (A Daily Motivator)"
Author: Linda Spangle, RN, MA
ISBN: 0-7394-8914-7
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I just have to recommend this book to you all... And, don't be frightened by the word "diet" on the cover, as this isn't really a "diet" book, in my opinion.

Basically, the author gives you 100 "days"-worth of tips for how to keep yourself motivated, and how to make a plan that really works for you. On the very last day (Day 100), she also tells you to pick your Top 10 favorites from the book, and keep those as your "tools" to help you keep on track, or to maintain for the rest of your life.

I loved that soooo much of this book focused on the hunger-fullness principles, rather than on "diety" things. Ms. Spangle encourages you to pay attention to your body's signals, wait for true (physiological) hunger, stop at "satisfied", and be mindful while eating. Love it!

Some of my favorite "tips" were:

  • Interested or Committed: "'interested' means you only stay with your plans until something better comes along; 'committed' means you stick with your matter what!"

  • Half-Off Special: eat half as much as you normally would; never go back for 'seconds'

  • Smaller Amounts, Less Often: don't feel deprived; no foods are 'forbidden'; just eat smaller amounts of your favorites, less often!

  • The Eating Pause: when you naturally pause in your eating, you're usually at the exact point where you feel 'satisfied'; if you continue past this point, you'll probably find you've overeaten.

There are so many other good tips that I had a hard time picking *just* 10 for my "Top Ten". ;o)

Highly recommended book!

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Friday, November 09, 2007

REVIEW: Safe Dieting for Teens

by Linda Ojeda
Hunter House publishers
ISBN: 0-89793-502-0

NOTE: I volunteered to read this for LibraryThing's "Early Reviewers" program. Don't be scared off by the term 'diet' in the title... read my review (below) for more!

Ms. Ojeda has written an excellent book on dieting for teens. It doesn't give you a food plan, or recommend cutting out any food groups, or counting calories. Instead, Ms. Ojeda suggests that teens make up their own "diet" using some guidelines she provides.

I appreciated the fact that she doesn't tell you that you have to do it "her way". I liked that she often encouraged the reader to "listen to your body", and to just make healthier changes.

One of the best parts I thought was where she says not to try to change everything all at once... you do one new thing for a while, until you're comfortable, and then move on to something else.

Even though I'm well past my 'teen' years, I found this book to be helpful, in some respects, even for me. So, while it's directed at teen readers, it's good for anyone looking for some quick tips on how to put together a working healthy-lifestyle plan.

The only 'issue' I had is that she still has a lot of focus on calories. Being a nutritionist, that's understandable. And, I'm somewhat biased, as I've been into "non-dieting" for the past 2 years, and will never diet again. ;o)

Overall, though, this book was very good, and if teens are going to look to "dieting", I'd recommend this book, as it's very 'safe', and very sensible.

Rated: B (enjoyable)

*** One more NOTE: While the book still focuses a lot on calories, the fact that the author still gives a lot of push toward the "non-dieting" style of changes makes me feel that this book is "okay". Hence, why I reviewed it here. ;o) ***