Thursday, February 28, 2008

REVIEW: The Skinny by Melissa Clark and Robin Aronson

The Skinny: How to Fit Into Your Little Black Dress Forever by Melissa Clark and Robin Aronson

While some parts of this book were still a little "diety", MOST of the book promoted the principles of Intuitive Eating -- hence why I am sharing the book with you here! :-)

Basically, the authors encourage you to:

  • Eat when you're hungry

  • Eat what you WANT (don't settle for less)

  • Don't eat to please someone else

  • Don't eat what you don't want

They also say you should eat at least one fruit, and/or one vegetable with every meal. And, they promote eating slowly, and eating sitting down.

I liked that they gave you two perspectives -- one author is a Food Writer, and the other is married, and a mother. They show that their "plan" is a good fit for anyone, as it can be altered.

There were a lot of tips to handle certain situations (eating out; eating in the presence of coworkers; eating at parties), and what to do if you find yourself eating emotionally.

The "diety" parts of this book (mostly just the usual, "Skip the junk food -for the most part- and go for the veggies") weren't all that bad. They even go so far as to say you can HAVE the junk food, but just make sure you have the veggies first. ;o) They don't count calories (or anything else, for that matter), so it's not anything I'm fully against.

Have a look through their website first, if you want to know more about their style, without having to buy the book. And, if you like their website, get the book! It'd still be worth your while! ;)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

REVIEW: Secrets of Successful Weight Loss by Diana Burrell

Title: "Secrets of Successful Weight Loss"
Author: Diana Burrell (with "Psychology Today" magazine)
Pages: 336
Rated: B+

I loved this book. It was soooo full of great information, covering
almost every aspect of weight loss and healthy living:

- a brief overview of most of the diet plans out there
- how to design your own plan
- exercise & eating healthy
- what to do when you hit a snag in your plan, or go through tough spots
- medical conditions caused by overweight/obesity
- what to do when you hit the maintain stage
- how to think differently once you've reached your goal
...and SO MUCH more!

This book has been put on my wishlist, as I'd like to own a copy. It
really was helpful, and it'd be a great book to reference back to from