Saturday, March 25, 2006

What Kind of Eater are YOU?

[from "INTUITIVE EATING" by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse


EATING STYLE: Careful Eater
TRIGGER: Fitness & health
CHARACTERISTIC: Appears to be the perfect eater;
anguishes over each food morsel and its effect on the
body. On the surface, this person seems health- and

EATING STYLE: Unconscious Eater
TRIGGER: Eating while doing something else at the same
CHARACTERISTIC: This person is often unaware that
he/she is eating, or how much is being eaten. To sit
down and simply eat is often viewed as a waste of
time. Eating is usually paired with another activity
to be productive. There are many subtypes.

EATING STYLE: Chaotic Unconscious Eater
TRIGGER: Overscheduled Life
CHARACTERISTIC: This person's eating style is
haphazard --- gulp 'n go when the food is available.
Seems to thrive on tension.

EATING STYLE: Refuse-not Unconscious Eater
TRIGGER: Presence of food.
CHARACTERISTIC: This person is especially vulnerable
to candy jars, or food present in meetings or sitting
openly on the kitchen counter.
[*** THIS IS ME!!! ***]

EATING STYLE: Waste-not Unconscious Eater
TRIGGER: Free food
CHARACTERISTIC: This person's eating drive is often
influenced by the value of the food dollar and is
susceptible to all-you-can-eat buffets and free food.

EATING STYLE: Emotional Unconscious Eater
TRIGGER: Uncomfortable Emotions
CHARACTERISTIC: Stress or uncomfortable feelings
trigger eating -- especially when alone.
[** this is also me **]

EATING STYLE: Professional Dieter
TRIGGER: Feeling fat
CHARACTERISTIC: This person is perpetually dieting,
often trying the latest commercial diet or diet book.

EATING STYLE: Intuitive Eater
TRIGGER: biological hunger
CHARACTERISTIC: This person makes food choices without
experiencing guilt or an ethical dilemma. Honors
hunger, respects fullness, enjoys the pleasure of


Joye said...

Hi Mizbooks, I Googled "intuitive eating" and found your blog. I've become interested in the idea only recently and am trying to gain as much info as I can. Thanks so much for blogging about it, I look forward to reading your future posts.

After many years of dieting and regaining weight, I've come to the conclusion that when I go on a diet, it's a dependence on my own will, and not dependence on God. I haven't read the Weigh Down book or the Thin Within book, but I do believe the only way I'll be successful in losing and keeping off pounds is by letting God have control of that area of my life. I think intuitive eating is the way to do that. Thanks again, and God bless.

mizbooks said...

Joye - Thin Within is awesome! If you're serious about it, check out both my other blog: and the online support group: . You could also check out their website:

Sorry I don't post very frequently, but I'll try to keep you in mind! ;) Blessings!

Donna said...

Enjoy your blog... love the tips!