Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fuel Gauge

Just posting this here because I want a visual reminder.... Our stomachs are like a Fuel Gauge -- when the tank hits 0/empty, it's time to "refuel"!

But, UNLIKE a fuel gauge, we don't want to completely fill up. Or, as a friend once put it, we would't fill up our tank and then start pouring fuel into the trunk, too, right? So, why do we treat our bodies like that? Sometimes, even after we've reached our "full" limit, we keep eating (like putting fuel in the trunk).

So, if we eat between "hunger" (empty) and satiety (full), we will be doing things right. :o)


WifeMomChocoholic said...

I don't know that it's wise to wait until you're on zero, though. At zero I'm so hungry I could eat ANYTHING. If I wait until I'm that hungry, the urge to eat any simple carbs just to get some fuel is often overwhelmingly strong.

mizbooks said...

Hunger scales are different for everyone. If you have a look through my blog, there's a different scale that --I think-- I got from the book "Thin People Don't Clean Their Plates" by Jill Fleming... it has the "time to eat" set at number 4, or so, on the scale. So, everyone's different... everyone has a different "scale", or "time to eat".

Personally, when I go past my "time to eat" point, I call that going to -1 or -3 (depending on how shaky I've gotten). ;o)

But, I know what you mean... definately. :o)

mizbooks said...

wifemomchocoholic -- here's the LINK to that other hunger scale... where "4" = time to eat. :o)