Thursday, July 13, 2006

A New Hunger Scale

Today I finished reading "THIN PEOPLE DON'T CLEAN THEIR PLATES" by Jill Fleming. She claims it's "not a diet", and it has a Hunger-Satisfaction Scale! She says "don't limit your food choices". But, then she contradicts herself and suggests you eat mostly low-fat food! It's a diet, if you ask me! :-? Her Thin Choices program follows the following guidelines:
- eat mostly low-fat food choices
- have 8-10 servings of fruits & vegetables daily
- drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily
- get at least 7 hours of sleep
- breathe deeply for 10 minutes a day
- move your body for 30 minutes most days of the week

While these are all great suggestions, and they'll probably get you healthy and help you lose weight, I still don't agree with the "eat low-fat food" bit! I'm a walking-talking example that you can lose weight while still eating full-fat *REAL* foods ... so long as you only eat when you're hungry, and you stop when you're satisfied! :o)

Now, that all said, I have to say... I REALLY liked the Hunger Scale that Ms. Fleming uses in her book! I think I even like it *better* than the Thin Within one! This is what it looks like:


10: Stuffed to the point of feeling sick (Thanksgiving full!)
9: Very uncomfortable, tired
8: Uncomfortably full
7: Feel you have eaten just a little bit too much
6: Comfortable, satisfied [stop eating]
5: Just noticing the first signs of hunger [slow down, if eating]
4: Hungry, ready to eat [Eat at this point]

3: Very hungry
2: Extremely hungry, irritable
1: Starving, can't concentrate, dizzy

Doesn't that make a lot of sense? I think it's great! And, here's why:

1) It doesn't give you a ton of room for humming & hawing about whether/not you're hungry & ready to eat ... either you ARE or you're NOT.

2) It defines / adds in the numbers for going PAST hungry to the shaky point (which I often do)

3) Your eating range should fall between 4 and 6 on the scale ... and this can be visualized like a Stop Light: 4=Green Light --Eat! / 5=Yellow Light --slow down & pay attention / 6=Red Light --Stop Eating!

I'm thinking that I'm going to give this new hunger scale a try ... see if it works better for me than Thin Within's did. Theirs seems to give me too much room for error... Just my personal observation.


Vicky and Dale said...

I totally agree! I like the new scale better...thanks for the book review and sharing the hunger scale...very helpful...

April said...

I'm actually going to disagree... this hunger scale wouldn't work for me personally. If I ate between 4 and 6, I'd literally be eating ALL day long because it doesn't take long for me to go from a 6 back down to what she calls a 4. Waiting till 0 forces me to deal with my emotions that are causing me to want to eat before I'm at 0.

I just had my own idea for a hunger scale though that I'm going to go blog... ;-)


Heather said...

Thanks for your review! It came at the perfect time, as I was JUST looking at that book on Amazon, thinknig about ordering it.

I think the hunger scale is pretty good; I'm so used to my other one though, it'd be hard to switch!

mizbooks said...

Thanks for your input, ladies! :o)

April -- Yes, that's what I'm a bit afraid of... eating constantly! And, you have a point about the "emotions" bit... We shall see, I guess! No way to know how it'd work for me unless I try it! ;)

Heather -- glad that I could help with my review! How funny that you were just pondering buying this particular book! LOL. :)

Charissa said...

I just found your blog yesterday after doing a google search for Intuitive Eating. I just started reading IE and I think it's going to be the key to my recovery from binge eating. I have also done the Weigh Down diet and lost 40 pounds on two separate ocassions. I tried following that approach recently, but it made me feel guilty when I was "bad" and that led to more binge eating! I think it's because I think of it as a diet. Anyway, I will be checking your blog. I also wanted to share a hunger scale that I found. I've printed it out and have been using it for a few weeks:

Thanks for all the great tools you've provided for us here!


April said...

Keep us posted on how you find this working... =)

BTW, I made my own "new" hunger scale on my blog...

mizbooks said...

Charissa, Glad my blog has been of some help to you! I'm sure you've seen the program I follow..."Thin Within". It's the same basic principles of WD, without the condemnation & guilt! :)

There are links to the support group and other information in the sidebar of my blog... :)

Thanks for the HungerScale link!

And, thanks for stopping by my blog!

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