Sunday, November 12, 2006

NOTES from "The Secrets of Skinny Chicks"

p.106 - "While these women do clamp down hard on occasion for special jobs or events, they keep their bodies in pretty tip-top shape year-round. What they do, they do all the time. They don't diet."

p.106 - "I don't believe in diets. Instead, I eat well in small portions when I'm hungry. And I stop when I'm not hungry any more." ~ "Skinny Chick", Anna Wyatt

p.126 - "Skinny Chicks don't make excuses."

p.129 - " slowly and listen to the cues from your body. I can't tell you how often I heard them say that they stop eating once they feel full, even if they haven't finished what's on their plate. So, listen to your body and put that extra food away to eat later."

p.134 - "...when it's time for your [meal], sit down, focus on the food, and really enjoy it!"

p.135 - "Some people like to write off these much smaller, appropriately-sized meals, but the truth is, it's the way human beings were designed to eat."

p.137 - "This is not about dieting, this is about changing the way you look at food and your perception of how much you need.

p.138 - "Because skinny chicks don't diet, there is no end to what they are doing, and so they make sure what they are doing is manageable over the long term."

p.139 - "Studies have shown that when the end of a diet is celebrated with a binge, it's more likely that people will go back to their old habits because they have suddenly broken with their healthier lifestyle and gone back to their old ways, even if they think it will be just for one day."

RE: Emotional Eating:

  • * keep a journal and write down how you are feeling about things going on in your life. Think about strategies for resolving any issues you uncover.

  • * note on paper what's going on in your life whenever you've "fallen off the wagon"... you can head off this self-destructive behaviour in the future.

  • * direct yourself to new forms of comfort (instead of using food)
    example: exercise, clean, call a friend, read, etc.

p.? - "Skinny chicks don't allow their social outings to be an excuse to lose sight of their normal lifestyles (intuitive eating, exercising)

** Don't compare yourself to others! **

* Plan ahead for what you'll do if you find yourself back in your old patterns (eating outside of hunger/fullness)

* Recognize the triggers and habits that lead you back into old patterns

p.193 - "In truth, I am free to eat whatever I want... But it's all about moderation. The key is to learn how to stop at that one portion so you don't go overboard."


p.195 - "...the only good reason to eat is because we are hungry. We've got to learn to get back in touch with our bodies and let them direct us."

p.196 - "Just because something tastes good doesn't mean you have to finish it." ***

* make your plan realistic & manageable for LIFE

p.210 - "[Skinny chicks] always keep their eye on the ball... they focus on their successes and how those successes make them feel."

p.210 - "If they slip up, they don't focus on that. They focus on what they're doing RIGHT." **

p.213 - "Skinny is a state of mind." -- Have a "thin" mindset!

* start exercising more days than not

* start eating only when you're hungry & stopping at "satisfied"

** "Embrace this way of life, and really push away that old, unhealthy mindset ["diet mentality"] that will at times try to rear its ugly head." **

p.214 - "When you've done things one way for so long, you will often drift back to those old ways. It can be terribly hard to venture off onto a new path. But IT CAN BE DONE!... If your mind focuses on the old groove, sooner or later your body will follow it back."

p.12 - "Most Americans eat 10-30% more than they need to."

p.16 - " estimated 80% [of women] suffer from poor body image."

p.17 - "Unfortunately, for many women body image and self-esteem are so closely related that a negative body image steadily erodes the core of their self-esteem. For many of us, if we do not like our bodies, we do not like ourselves."

p.24 - "...a woman can be just as fit and fabulous in a size 12 or 14 jeans as she can be in a size 4. It's about being and feeling strong and healthy. It's about feeling good in your own skin, and choosing what is right for you."

p.222 - "'s because we use food for so many things other than fueling our bodies that we can find it so hard to stay on track and eat the things we should in appropriate quantities."

p.261 - "Yes, many women do shift their mindset and find a way to enjoy food in moderation, and to eat healthfully most of the time." - Linda Craighead, Ph.D.

p.262 - "Pay attention to why you are eating to see if there are places you are willing to make other choices." - Linda Craighead, Ph.D.
[note when you are eating for reasons other than hunger]

p.262 - "The better strategy is to eat fairly frequently & focus more on when to stop - not overeating or getting stuffed." - Linda Craighead, Ph.D.
[instead of letting yourself go beyond hungry to the point where you're *ravenous*]

p.263 - "Fall off the wagon? Just get right back on! --> Don't make old patterns your 'norm' any more!"

p.264 - "We all know we should eat less and eat better. We all know we should exercise more. But when it comes down to it, all the best-laid plans can fall apart when our emotions take over. That's why it's so important to take a good, hard look at how emotions are affecting how and what we eat. By being aware of what we are doing and, more critically, what we are likely to do the next time we get upset, we can arm ourselves with plans, resolutions, and strategies to help us stay on track as much as possible." ***

p.87 - "Start today. 'Tomorrow' never comes." - "Skinny chick", Sherry Boudreau


Literacygirl said...

Glad to find this message board. I too am journeying through the planet called "Intuitive Eating". I am starting to recognize when I am full, but I don't always listen to it. But awareness is definitely a good first step.

Here's my question... I find it "disappointing" how little my body needs to nourish itself. I feel like a part of me is gone. Food -that friend with benefits is no longer there. I feel scared. A big part of my life is slowly disappearing. I know the key is to fill me life up with other things, but it's a frightening "space" to be in. Anyone relate? Comments? Wisdom?

Also, by the comments you made about "Weigh Down Workshop" & "First Place", I am wondering if you might be a follower of Jesus? If so, I am happy to find a fellow sister-in-Christ! If not, I am happy to find another IE soul-sista-diva.

haku's food blog said...

Hi Jenn, I don't know if you've read this book called "the 7 secrets of slim people", it is truly an intuitive eating book. It changed my life!