Wednesday, February 13, 2008

REVIEW: Secrets of Successful Weight Loss by Diana Burrell

Title: "Secrets of Successful Weight Loss"
Author: Diana Burrell (with "Psychology Today" magazine)
Pages: 336
Rated: B+

I loved this book. It was soooo full of great information, covering
almost every aspect of weight loss and healthy living:

- a brief overview of most of the diet plans out there
- how to design your own plan
- exercise & eating healthy
- what to do when you hit a snag in your plan, or go through tough spots
- medical conditions caused by overweight/obesity
- what to do when you hit the maintain stage
- how to think differently once you've reached your goal
...and SO MUCH more!

This book has been put on my wishlist, as I'd like to own a copy. It
really was helpful, and it'd be a great book to reference back to from


dianaburrell said...

Thank you for the nice review! Glad the book was helpful to you. :-)

Literacygirl said...

Glad you are posting agin. What principles of Intuitive or Attuned eating did it incorporate?

MizB said...

You know, I had notes written down about the book, but I can't find them. I'm pretty sure, though, that eating only when hungry, and stopping at satisfied were mentioned. ;o)

I'll keep looking for those notes, and will post more when I find them.