Friday, February 16, 2007

LASTING Change... Tips!

[from "Good Housekeeping", March 2007]

* expect setbacks (relapses to old habits)

* be forgiving of yourself

* if you don't give in to a craving, the desire will pass! --> you don't have to act on feelings!

* "urge-surf" ... recognize what you're experiencing [feeling] without trying to change it... ride the wave, instead of fighting it... pay attention to it

* Remember the 4 A's:

  1. Assess the current situation

  2. Adjust what needs to be done

  3. "Admire yourself for being strong enough to start again" (Bob Greene)

  4. Act quickly to implement your new course of action

*** What's NON-NEGOTIABLE is that you'll
continue to do what you resolved to do!

* It doesn't matter how many times you begin again. It only matters that you do so.

* Remember what will make you "truly" happy -- what brings you real happiness
(fulfilling the craving in this moment vs. sticking to your resolve & meeting your goals)

* when our emotional brain is in charge, we ignore the consequences and end up suffering later

* the more you make what you want a part of your everday life, the more it will become so routine that you won't even have to think about it!

* a written record of your behavior helps you to do better

* look how far you've come, instead of focusing on how much you have left to do

* surround yourself with those you want as mentors --> people who have already achieved what you're striving for... ask them questions... learn from them!



Anonymous said...

About Me: I'm a born-again Christian seeking to know what it means to follow Jesus.

That's awesome to see more sisters becoming Christian! I've been born-again for 2 years now. My relationship with the Lord is just getting better and better but it only started around the summer of last year. Praise God!

But, I was on google looking for tips on how to beat my bad eating habits, that don't really affect me too much right now but I know will be a problem down the road if I don't make the effort to let Jesus help me now.

That was great to read, but I've read many things. If I want a change, I'm going to have to stick with the process.

Anonymous said...

Another thing I want to add:

3. "Admire yourself for being strong enough to start again" (Bob Greene)

I would change yourself to Jesus!