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Quotes from "FIT FOR LIFE" by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond

[The following quotes were taken from "Fit for Life" by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond... While I don't recommend the book for weight-loss (it's basically a "diet" book, though it swears up & down that it's not!) I liked some of the ideas in it.]


* "Belief systems can be the biggest obstacle to one's progress." [p.44]

* "All animals in nature are naturally trim." [p.33]
(does not include pets & zoo animals)

* "There is nothing to feel guilty about. You have certain cravings that you have built up over the years. It's going to take a certain amount of time for you to overcome these cravings. The idea is not to upset the balance more often that you maintain it. You eat heavy one day, and then the next day comes. It's a brand-new day." [p.33]

* Set your own pace; don't try to switch over all at once. Baby steps!

* It took you X number of years to put the weight on, so it's not going to come off overnight ... "the important thing is to START" to make changes that move you TOWARD your goal!

* "You are on a journey; let it be fun, not an ordeal. You can drive from the West Coast to the East Coast in three days at breakneck speed and miss all of the sights & splendor this country has to offer; or you could take three weeks and enjoy yourself. Take your time, and be confident that you will reach your destination (goal) a happier, healthier person for the effort expended on your own behalf." [p.97]

*** "The practice that will help you eliminate that craving for sweets more than anything else is the correct consumption of FRUIT. The sugar in fruit is untampered with and supplies the body with the nutrients it craves." [p.98]
Emphasis mine ... this is my BIGGEST issue!

* "Whatever you have added (meat) to your salad will break down more quickly & pass through your system more easily due to its properly combined nature and the presence of all the fresh, raw vegetables." [p.139]

RE: Eating at buffets, etc:
-> "Before taking a plate, survey the offerings & decide
what your plan will be." [p.??]

Causes of OVEREATING: [p.146]

1) "When no nutrients are being absorbed by your intestines as a result of clogging, the body sets off an alarm that it has not been fed, and even though we have just eaten, we want to eat more."

2) "There is no better way to malnourish your body than to eat processed & junk foods excessively... If they are large quantities of junk food, the body experiences slow starvation. Our bodies set off the alarm, once again, for more food because they are literally starving ... NUTRITIONALLY!"

* "The key is DIRECTION, not speed." [p.224]

[from chapter 7]:
* "Fruit is the most important food we can put into the human body

* "Fruit has the highest water-content of any food ... all of it is 80-90% cleansing, life-giving water."

* "All of the vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, amino acids, & fatty acids that the human body requires for its existence are to be found in fruit."

* "Fruit requires less energy to be digested than any other food."

* "By its nature, fruit affords the body the opportunity to cleanse built-up residue from the system." (p.50)

** "Fuel value should always be the foremost factor in determining the worth of any food." [chapter 7]

* Try different salads as meals ... add some meat to it, and lots of raw veggies. (ie: Chicken Caesar Salad)

**** "Calorie-counting is a very antiquated and ineffective means of trying to regulate one's weight. It looks viable in theory, but so does the theory that the sun orbits the earth. Calorie-counting is an unrealistic guage by which to measure one's progress. That is why so many calorie-counters do not find the results they are looking for, even though they diligently count their calories." [p.58] ****

* "Any time you alter your eating habits, your body has to adjust to that change, and in so doing, can initially leave you feeling out of sorts." [p.63]

* "You have the rest of your life, so don't put undo pressure on yourself." [p.66]

* "If the principles [of Intuitive Eating] make sense to you, and you're willing to try them, that's all it will take!" [p.66, in brackets mine]

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Anonymous said...

I like these...the best of the Fit for Life ideas. Especially the one about having the rest of your life. How inspirational! I have Marilyn's American Vegetarian Cookbook, which has some fabulous recipes in it, but on thing that I wonder about: I understand that eating fruit first thing in the morning is good for your body's cleansing process. But she claims that eating "concentrated carbohydrates" in the morning (after such fruit) can result in a huge drain of energy. I started eating fruit and drinking water first thing when I get up, then after I get ready for my day I have a "second breakfast" of complex carbs like whole grains and protein. This totally works for me, though the FFL book wants you to eat fresh fruit until noon. I am kind of confused by this because many "diet for weight-loss" plans have you eating whole grains and protein in balance at every meal. I am hypoglycemic so this works for me, but I do eat fresh fruit and drink water when I first wake up. Any thoughts on this?